Not only bigger, also more versatile!

Fusion in the Schaffhausen trust business: Bovadis Partner Treuhand AG and Bremer Treuhand AG merge their business activities and now take care of their customers as Bovadis Partner Treuhand AG. Six employees work at the two locations at Oberstadt 3 and at Hohlenbaumstrasse 157; a merging of the locations is planned for a later date.

Challenges are opportunities

The owners of the two companies – Beat Pfistner and Patrick Schwyn – are a proven team. Someone who has organized youth events together, worked in the same trust company and even went to school together knows each other by heart and appreciates each other’s strengths. “I have a fundamental correspondence in corporate philosophy with my new partner in the management,” confirms Beat Pfistner. A joint trustee office has long been an option, both partners explain in unison. Now is the right time for it. We are looking forward to the exciting challenges that this merger will bring with it: starting with the process implementation, through digitization and IT use, to successfully conveying the corporate philosophy. But challenges are always opportunities for improvement and dialogue, since the right solutions are worked out together. Patrick Schwyn is also looking forward to this process: “I’m looking forward to the upcoming changes in terms of management and the inspirational discussions that will arise.”

Bundled forces, more diversity

By pooling competencies and resources as well as the two proven and renowned company names, the position in the (local) trust market is to be strengthened. A partnership brings more stability, security and a qualitative strengthening, since a technical division will now be possible. Existing and new customers can therefore rely on a highly motivated and technically competent team that has capitalized on key words such as partnership, innovative and solution-oriented. Here the management and employees look after their customers personally and professionally; Long-term customer relationships are evidence of a mutual constant, deep relationship of trust. Thanks to the merger, it is possible to respond more specifically to customer requests and, if necessary, to fall back on a broad network of strong and experienced partners. The new Bovadis Partner Treuhand AG is pleased to take this important step together with its customers.